About Us

Hi! We are the South Plantation Solar Knights racing team. A group of extremely talented students who have built a fully functional solar-powered race car: Solar Knight III. We were the first team to compete in the challenge from the state of Florida. In 2011 we won first place in the Advanced Division at the Solar Car Challenge. We were also awarded the William Shih Award, which is presented to the solar car team displaying the highest level of technological achievement. We were lucky enough to race again in 2014, where we proudly took third in a hybrid, track and street race. The also received the Matt Tunnell Award, which is awarded to the solar car team displaying outstanding driving performance. After a year of rest, we plan to return to the challenge and take first in the Advanced Division. This year, we’ll have to repair our old motors, rebuild the car’s steering and suspension, improve the canopy, and repair the car’s carbon fiber body. To accomplish this, though, we’ll need the help of friends, companies, and mentors! We have had some amazing partners over the course of team’s history, whose names are displayed on the body of our car. Any sponsorship or donations are always greatly appreciated.