While competing in a solar car race is extremely challenging, the students at South Plantation High are taking this project a few steps further. They are demonstrating their solar car at community events throughout Broward and Miami-Dade counties. All of these projects are extremely time consuming and need some major funding to complete them. Their budget estimate is around $50,000 and they are looking for some corporate sponsors for their upcoming race this summer. This year, despite their many challenges such as a broken motor, shot suspension, steering failures, and many more they were able to pull through for third place! In 2014 they were lucky enough to race again at the Solar Car Challenge, which included a hybrid race at the Texas Motor Speedway in Dallas and a road rally from Dallas to Austin. At the race they placed third for the national title. They also received the Matt Tunnel award for the highest level of driving and trailering. Several talented students at South Plantation High School have built a fully functional solar-powered car, the Solar Knight III. Their team won first in the Advanced Division at the Winston Solar Car Challenge during the Summer of 2011 in a race around the Texas Motor Speedway in Dallas, Texas! SKIII also won the William Shih Award Presented to the solar car team displaying the highest level of technological achievement.